Personal Finance – Summer Course Survey

Please take a moment to provide me with some feedback.  Thank you in advance!


Adding a Video from You Tube

When adding a video from You Tube, the Insert From You Tube option from Add Media did not work.  I had to insert insert the link from Insert from URL under the Add Media option.  The video is located on my About page and as as side note, it is kind of a fun video to include as part of my site since I truly do love the community I grew up in, went to school in from K-12, and now have taught in for the past 13 years.  Enjoy.

As an on-line teacher, I assure you I do have plenty of videos of myself within my on-line classroom, but as for having videos of myself for open public viewing, I’ll keep that limited to my classroom.

The Choice of a Theme

The first thing I was looking for in a theme was for it to be FREE. After filtering for Free, there were still close to 300 choices. When initially setting up my site, I wanted to choose something that would somewhat compliment my district’s site, which is what brought me to Flounder. Now that I’ve set up my site a bit. I did take the take to go through and choose a couple of different themes that might also work which were Hexa and Silesia. You can see how these looked applied below. I was impressed at how quickly the changes were made to all pages in my site as a global change. However, in the end, from the page view, I liked having my navigation bar available at the left and my posts panel available at the right which was most visible in the Flounder theme. The Silesia theme also offered these same features but for me was just a little too clean and/or blended together. I like the how the sections are more defined in the Flounder theme. The Hexa theme didn’t have the posts easily available and the navigation pane was also hidden unless made visible by the hexa link. In the end, I went back to my originally choice.







Adding Pages and Sub-Pages

Okay so the planning of the site for this on-line course, actually comes at a later point, but I did read through the syllabus before starting the course.  However, I had missed the part about sub-pages.  A quick brainstorm brought me to add a few new pages to my site this afternoon under Yearbook for Sales, Baby Dedications, and Senior Photo information.  I actually didn’t have any of the information on my Word Press site yet.  It was all located on my local district site and still needed a bit of updating.  So, I removed it from there, adding some external link pages to my district site and some new sub-pages under my Yearbook page.

The best part about sub pages is it helps your user easily locate the exact information they are looking for more quickly.  The pages are shorter and hopefully more organized.

The most exciting part about the additional of my new sub pages, is people could be visiting my WordPress site any day now for this information.  Here is the link to my district teacher page so you can check out just how it looks and works to bring you to my WordPress site.

All in all, the addition of pages to the WordPress site makes it a web site.  I just feel when it is just posts it is still more of a blog and not an actual site.  For now, I only have one page with sub-pages but can see where I may find much more information for each of my courses that could be added at a later time.

Sticky Posts and Editing

I did find the visibility option of being able to make my post stick to the top of the page but for now, I didn’t keep that feature on.  I can see where it may be useful for a certain post you don’t want to get lost in the mix but want to stay current at the top.  It reminds me of when Facebookers bump a post back to the top so people continue to see it in their feed.  I bet they’d love to be able to figure out how to make it sticky on the News Feed.

In terms of editing posts, I guess I’m kind of surprised this lesson is just coming up now as I tend to have to edit just as soon as I hit publish on just about everything.  Although I probably need to remind myself, I’ve created a few more posts and pages at this point of the class than requests but I just can’t help myself.

One can’t really ever do enough editing/proofing in my book and even as you are reading through my posts and pages, you are probably still thinking more editing could be done.  One tip I do give to my students is not only should you have a proof reader but copying and pasting your information into a decent spelling and grammar checker isn’t a bad option either.   The on-line support options just aren’t as powerful in that feature as one might find with Microsoft Office.  I’m finding that to be true in WordPress as I have found in other comparable on-line editing tools I’ve used in the past.

Settings and Configurations

Updated the name of my site to the Power of Educating with Technology but it isn’t fitting in the circle all that nicely.  I do like that it doesn’t just say Mrs. Bates at CFHS so that was a nice idea.  I just need to play with the font size some how.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out.  For now, the words touch the edges of the circle which drives me a little bonkers.

I was less than impressed when updating my time zone that Mountain Time was not available so I did a quick search to find the UTC conversion option that I needed to select.  I still found it a bit strange the options they did have available and spent way more time scrolling through trying to find MST than I should have.

The other item I added was to upload my profile picture.  I’m not sure where else that will appear on my site but am curious to find out.  I already have the same picture on my About page, but since the item was there and I already had the picture available,  I did the quick upload.

For now those were the only configuration changes I made in settings.