Adding Pages and Sub-Pages

Okay so the planning of the site for this on-line course, actually comes at a later point, but I did read through the syllabus before starting the course.  However, I had missed the part about sub-pages.  A quick brainstorm brought me to add a few new pages to my site this afternoon under Yearbook for Sales, Baby Dedications, and Senior Photo information.  I actually didn’t have any of the information on my Word Press site yet.  It was all located on my local district site and still needed a bit of updating.  So, I removed it from there, adding some external link pages to my district site and some new sub-pages under my Yearbook page.

The best part about sub pages is it helps your user easily locate the exact information they are looking for more quickly.  The pages are shorter and hopefully more organized.

The most exciting part about the additional of my new sub pages, is people could be visiting my WordPress site any day now for this information.  Here is the link to my district teacher page so you can check out just how it looks and works to bring you to my WordPress site.

All in all, the addition of pages to the WordPress site makes it a web site.  I just feel when it is just posts it is still more of a blog and not an actual site.  For now, I only have one page with sub-pages but can see where I may find much more information for each of my courses that could be added at a later time.


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