The Choice of a Theme

The first thing I was looking for in a theme was for it to be FREE. After filtering for Free, there were still close to 300 choices. When initially setting up my site, I wanted to choose something that would somewhat compliment my district’s site, which is what brought me to Flounder. Now that I’ve set up my site a bit. I did take the take to go through and choose a couple of different themes that might also work which were Hexa and Silesia. You can see how these looked applied below. I was impressed at how quickly the changes were made to all pages in my site as a global change. However, in the end, from the page view, I liked having my navigation bar available at the left and my posts panel available at the right which was most visible in the Flounder theme. The Silesia theme also offered these same features but for me was just a little too clean and/or blended together. I like the how the sections are more defined in the Flounder theme. The Hexa theme didn’t have the posts easily available and the navigation pane was also hidden unless made visible by the hexa link. In the end, I went back to my originally choice.








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