Categories and Tags for Yearbook Too

I’m going to tackle this one with a bit of a different spin.  Up until now, I’ve only been thinking of this course in terms of my Web Design class, but a light bulb just went off.  My Yearbook class uploads hundreds, okay more like thousands of pictures to our on-line yearbook editing site.  When they upload the pictures they are given the option to “tag” the pictures.  This is critical.  If they don’t tag the pictures, they later pay for it searching through the masses of pictures that are only sorted by date.  They use keywords such as the event name football, basketball, volleyball, etc.  However, as this was my first year, we learned a lot.  The students decided it would make sense to also add the name of the other team we played, and the month to help them narrow the search down even more when searching for pictures.  These are just different ways of categorizing and tagging the pictures.  I’m excited to have made this connection and share something real that might make some sense to my web designers so that they too will create categories and tags that will help them as the site developer or their end users find what they are looking for.

**For the record, I have been adding my posts to the Category WordPress and tagging them with words such as WordPress, Images, Hyperlinks, Websites, Dashboard, etc.  New Category today is Yearbook.