Web Design

Web Design

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is designed to give students a basic understanding of the development of web sites. The course will include focus on the use of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.

Students will:
 Learn HTML Basics
 Learn CSS Basics
 Creating Page Layouts
 Work with Cascading Style Sheets
 Use and modify Templates
 Work with Text, List, and Tables
 Create and Modify Images
 Integrate and Develop Navigation
 Add Interactivity
 Work with Web Animation and Video
 Develop Forms
 Work with Online Data
 Build Dynamic Pages with Data
 Publish to the Web
 Safely use and understand the educational value of the Internet

The class will be taught using lecture, demonstration, and hands-on work. Students will be using the text Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Classroom in a Book in an on-line classroom environment and other supplemental materials. Students should have a folder or binder to keep assignments, handouts, and other necessary materials in as well as paper and a pen or pencil.

GRADES will be based on the following:
 Daily work
 Tests/quizzes
 Projects
 The letter grade will be issued on the traditional grading scale of:
o A = 90 and above
o B = 80 to 80.9
o C = 70 to 70.9
o D = 60 to 60.9
o F = Below 60

Each assignment, test, and project will be assigned a point value based on the depth, length, and importance. All course work, tests, quizzes, and projects must be completed in order to receive an accurate overall assessment. See Make Up Work Policy for more information.

I very rarely give bonus or extra credit work. You will be expected to work to the best of your ability to earn your grade.

 Be seated when the bell rings, or you will be counted as tardy.
 Do not take books out of the classroom unless approved by the teacher.
 Have RESPECT for Others, Class Time, Collaboration, Teachers, and your Workspace.
 No food, candy, or drinks in the labs.
 Chairs are NOT to be used a means of transportation.
 Your work areas are very close together. Please keep your hands to yourself.
 There are times when it is absolutely necessary to leave the room. However, some students abuse this by trying to leave to use the phone, see the nurse, etc. I will give you two passes per quarter, so use them wisely.
 Bring all materials to class–pencil, paper, etc. You should have a writing utensil with you every day.
 You are accountable for your own work. Turn in assignments on the dates arranged by your teacher. Failure to do so could result in loss of credit for the project.
 Internet is to be used for educational purposes only. Do not access sound or video websites unless they are related to the assignment. Internet Explorer should remain closed unless the assignment requires use of the Internet.
 Electronic devices such as IPODS or MP3 players are typically not allowed and must be approved by the teacher for use.

Concentrate, take notes, and ask questions.

 If returning from an excused absence, the student is responsible for obtaining and completing the missed assignments. Missing assignments are due at the student’s earliest convenience, but no later than one week from their date of return, unless otherwise arranged by the student. Missing assignments not made-up will result in an

INCOMPLETE for the quarter. Students are given two weeks following the quarter’s end to make-up work in order to remove the INCOMPLETE. If a student fails to do so, the incomplete will result in a failing grade.
 Make-up work can be done before or after school, during lunch or during a study hall. Be sure to arrange a time with your instructor.
 Students must electronically save all files until the end of each grading period. The teacher can at any time request a student to retrieve assignments from the computer to prove its originality. If a student is unable to retrieve a document as requested by the teacher, the student will be required to redo the assignment.
 If a student is caught cheating in this course, the student’s parents and the principal will be notified. Any class work or exam that is a product of cheating will be removed from the student’s electronic files and required to be completed again as their own.
 The administration does not take this lightly and often times will also recommend an Academic Detention be served. If the student cheats a second time, they shall be recommended for removal from the course.


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